Version 2017 – What has been learned

Hello everyone, sorry for my sudden lack of postings. I’ve been busy with an upcoming dragon armature design, the ballerina project (3d scanning my ten year old daughter), and a verity of other little things.

But I wanted to take a moment to remind you all that much has been learned from the recent 2017 release of Ranger. In particular with the springs in the feet.  If anyone has been experiencing any problems, please don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing store-at-armaturenine-com. I’m happy to send out replacements.   It’s important to me that everyone be having a positive experience with their armatures.  The new and smaller hands are also getting better.  In fact, despite the addition of the magnets, they’re now easier to make than the older larger hands so Ranger has come down in price another $5 today.  Fundamentally what used to happen is there was a massive failure rate and I’d build three pairs of hands before I’d get one that worked. Now my failure rate is close to zero which feels amazing.     Now that the design has stabilized I intend to start offering hand customization soon.  But first I’m going to be releasing the claws again in anticipation of the upcoming dragon/beast release.

In other news, the buy-back program we had in February went really well.   And I want you all to know that this offer will remain open for anyone wishing to return either a Rider or Ranger armature from 2012 or 2013.  This is back when they only cost $15-$30 per armature.  You’d get a 100% refund in the form of a store credit for the same product. Just email a photo of your armature and your mailing address and I can send you a return stamp.

Oh and finally, remember each month we have an art contest for a chance to win a free Ranger and Rider (we give out 3-4 armatures each month).  Contest details are here:

And again, sorry for the absence. I suspect I’ll be bombarding you guys with updates soon once all these things I’m working on are ready to be shown.

stay in touch 🙂


Just had to share

Just had to share this.  So my son saw a big pile of armatures I had (from the recent buyback program) and he said, “can I have one of them to sculpt over the top of?” (he’s seven years old).  And I said “sure, but we’ll do this tomorrow because it’s bed time now.”  And he said “ok.”  So I gave him this 2013 kid  armature to keep in his room.   I wake up the next morning and he shows me this. No guidance or direction.  I was so impressed!

He used monster clay and I know that’s really tough to work with unless you warm it up first so I asked him, how did you get the clay on there, wasn’ it hard?  And he said “um, yeah, I just cut it into little slices and put them on that way”

Big step forward

Taking a big “step forward” in this ongoing evolutionary saga couldn’t be more literal than it is is today.

Because as of today all of our 1:6 products will have injection molded KNEES!! Which means you can also buy the knees all on their own here:  Just $4 for all four parts and all eight screws and fasteners (notice the special coupon code at the very top for those just buying pieces and not entire armatures).

So to be clear, for those who have placed orders that haven’t shipped yet, rest assured yours will come included with these knees and you’ll be getting  a $10 refund to reflect the new reduced pricing for all of our 1:6 products that use this part.  3D printing renders a huge failure rate during manufacturing and assembly (especially on this particular part, meaning I had to go through sometimes up to 6 pairs of knees before arriving at a pair that worked and or looked good).  With injection molding these knees now have a failure rate of near 0%.

First crowdfunded mold is here!

So thrilled to announce that our first crowdfunded mold is here:

We’re going to continue to allow pledges coming in for a little while longer, but once all these molds are done I’ll be closing off the campaign for good so I can focus on planning out production.


This mold is for the knee joint which is used across all of our products. Once I start testing the mold and figuring out material/temperature settings, it will start to be rolled out with all new orders at that time. And yes, the part will be available all on its own through our armatuer maker page:

It’s not available currently on its own because the only way to know if the knee part 3d printed correctly is to go through the assembly process. But once this mold is in operation, we’ll be able to sell a pair of knees all on their own for a great price! As it stands I often end up assembling three knees for every one that passes the test. With the mold, every single one is perfect!

The campaign is live for the time being here:

More details updates about this  campaign via its updates tab.


Winners for February contest!

Time to vote on these fantastic entries for last month’s contest:

Winner will get a $195 coupon to our storefront and everyone else is getting $60 each. So congratulations to all four artists and special thanks to everyone else that participated. Please come back and try again!

We do these every month and details are always posted here: 


Become a 3D Animator for only $9

I can’t believe I started working on this EIGHT years ago.

Better late than never I guess.  Hope you enjoy:

Download here ->

This purchase comes with a cool easy to use animation rig and 2 hour video lecture series that will walk you through the process of animating and navigating the Maya interface, step by step.

Oh and btw.  All of our digital purchases grant you free updates for LIFE!  So if the rig changes over time you’ll get an email with a link to download version 2.0 and all subsequent versions when they come out.


If you don’t own a copy of Maya, Autodesk makes free versions available here:


Injecting molding is happening!

Wohoo!! Our Armature Ten campaign reached its goal tonight. So HAPPY!! THANK YOU to everyone that shared, pledged and participated in this campaign.

I guess third time IS the charm 🙂

With these funds we’ll be able to have molds made for all of these pieces all of which are used in every single one of A9’s 1/6 product line. (the necks are already done)



Another thing I’m also very excited about is that the remaining 3D printed components for Ballerina will be produced using dual printing so that we can deposit multiple materials at once which will enhance the performance of the joints considerably.


I always learn something new with each product and I anticipate much of this learning will also be transferred to the A9 series as well; and as well as the cost savings from being able to generate all these connectors with injection molding.  The knees have been a real challenge because they have a high failure rate when 3d printed and I regularly send out free replacements to customers (don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a pair btw).  With injection molding not only will they be faster to produce but will have a practically zero failure rate.

The non-universal peanut joint will be perfectly rounded which will allow customers to pop them in and out with more ease and not subject the torso and pelvis to risk of damage. And the elbows will no longer cause me headaches when trying to get them to make it out of the 3d printers with decent results.

This is a major step forward for A9 and marks the birth of A10.  I anticipate a $20 decrease in price for all of our 1/6 armatures once these molds are all done.

How long will it take? Well.. that all depends on how quickly our engineers can produce the molds because all the prep work on our part has been done already.

I’m hoping within the next two months all of these molds will be completed but they’ll come in one at a time within weeks.  Knees are first.

thanks everyone!!

~ Paul