A9 in Alaska! HURRAY!!

Oh brrrrrrr-iliant!! A9 has made it to lovely Alaska. Thank you so much for this kind customer to send in this picture and claiming a new territory. Help me light up the world by sharing this campaign with people please. Lot's of unclaimed countries (and States) and great opportunities to get your order 50% off … Continue reading A9 in Alaska! HURRAY!!

It’s our Ten Year Anniversary!

Happy ten year anniversary to Armature Nine! In December of 2012 A9 was born! The first figures released into the world were the A9 mini's. They were sent free of charge to those sharing (on facebook) news about the first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which raised $17,200 on December 5th 2012. Instead of spending money … Continue reading It’s our Ten Year Anniversary!

Out of stock? Make sure you select the proper material.

So a customer was kind enough to inquire about the armature articulated hands being out of stock. That came to me as a surprise because they are certainly not (I thought). But when I checked online, they actually weren't available to purchase! A ha! But wait. What you need to do is make sure you … Continue reading Out of stock? Make sure you select the proper material.

A9 Travels to Utah!

Woah, check out these pics that just came in of an A9 Canine over in the Utah desert! "In the first picture the town of Moab and The Portal are in the background. In the second, the Hell's Revenge trail on Slickrock is in the background. Taken from Dave's Trail - a local mountain bike trail. " (https://www.grandcountyutah.net/655/Hells-Revenge-44-Trail) … Continue reading A9 Travels to Utah!