How Dimensions Work – Thrust Theory

Before I came up with the invention for A9 RIGS, I was doodling ideas for hypothetical inventions or even concepts and publishing them freely on facebook for others to see and take in the hopes that someone would become rich off them. I called them “silly ideas” because I would often come up with ideas that were very pie-in-the-sky in terms of scope. I’m posting them here and accurately back-dating them so they’re permanently part of the A9 history/record because they are a part of my creative journey leading up to the idea for the A9 RIG.

This is my theory on how the dimensions work. There are more than 5, but they become increasingly difficult to express visually after time/space. the idea is that all dimensions follow the same rule: Each is a cross-section of the one that follows or an extrusion of the one that precedes it. The drawing shows each dimension in black and the dimension that precedes it in red.

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