New knee design

Quick news: Here are links to new pictures of the final armature designs that you’ll be getting in the mail. Also notice that the 11″ version now comes included with a board (a thin version of the full platform). Yes, if you pledged on the 11″ figure, it will come with this board. The picture showcases how this board can be used with the regular non-bladed foot. One thing I’d like to point out is that I just designed a new knee joint yesterday because the existing one was breaking too often. So some of you will get the A9-55 with the old knee and some with the new. For those that get the old knee, just be mindful when rotating the knee that you do so along the axis its intended to rotate because lateral rotation on the old design will easily fracture it. But just so you know I care, if and when your armature knee breaks, simply send the leg back along with a self-addressed and stamped envelope and I’ll send you a crutch properly sized for your armature in return 🙂 Soon the store will also feature individual parts should you choose to re-order any. Here are the new product photos:

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