Weekend Progress

Hello Armature Nine backers!

Quick update to inform you I’ve sent out close to half of the surveys. I should get the rest sent out in the next couple days.  Please respond as soon as you get them because delaying your response could delay your order from being fulfilled. If you don’t fill out the survey at all, I can’t ship you your product (because I won’t have your address) and therefore I’ll assume you were contributing to support the venture only and aren’t interested in the product itself.

After you fill out the survey, give me about a day or two and you should then see your responses listed in the spreadsheet below. If you don’t see yourself, or your preferences have been entered incorrectly, please let me know via message:

(my plan is to fulfill the orders as pledges came in – this is listed on the left column)

In other news, I took the weekend to create armatures in the pearl/crimson color so you could see what they look like (photos below).   I’ll be posting a video soon, showing off the 2013.5 version of the 11″ adult.

I’m currently selling the 11″ armature on my website in the brown color in case you know of anyone interested: www.armaturenine.com (it’s first come first serve starting with those that got the deal here through kickstarter, so the sooner someone orders it, the sooner they will get it)

And here’s the mailing list if you’d like more frequent future updates on the product line as a whole: http://eepurl.com/ALAW1

thanks everyone!

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