A9 Production begins!

Hello dear backers!

Production of armatures is starting to kick in. With three printers currently operational and running, a fourth one coming on Wednesday and two more by next week (total of 6, by end of the month) I should be cooking with gas starting mid August.

To help put into perspective how crazy it is that I’m attempting to make a 3D printed product, check out this cool kickstarter, where they too are letting you buy their product as a 3D print (yeah, for $1,200). http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/935366406/poppy-turn-your-iphone-into-a-3d-camera-0  That’s how rare a functioning 3D printed product is.

Since the 11″ armature was the most popular (total of 406 orders) I’ve got all three printers devoted to this one right now.  Once I get the three other printers I will focus on finalizing designs on quadrupeds and hopefully begin production on those shortly after.

As I produce the 11″ armatures I’m still trying to nail down some design issues (like the stops to prevent locking on the hips) and a new idea I’m exploring for the foot. Once I nail these things down, I will finalize my designs for the variants (since they have to fit in with these pieces) and begin production on those as well.

I’m going to be experimenting with a few new printer brands so I can pick my favorite and order a few more after that making a total of 10.

Here’s a fun one minute video giving you a sneak peak at how I’m making the realistic variants (using 3d scan data I captured at the studio) 

My biggest challenge moving forward is going to be attempting to fulfill orders in order, given that many early backers pledged on the entire product line and I have yet to finalize designs for quadrupeds, variants and the 11″ armature, I may do another early adopter run for those that ordered just those items once I have a decent batch of those completed.

That’s the status!

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