A9 Production Progress

Here’s a photo montage showing where I’m at with production. I’ll have charts to show next week hopefully so it makes more sense 🙂

 To give you a feel for how massive this project is, consider that a single armature like the 11″ humans is composed of 25 pieces (each needs to be printed and assembled). That’s  10,450 3D printed pieces just for that one product given that there were 418 11″ humans ordered.  That’s quite a bit of 3D printing!

That said I’ve completed printing about half of the 11″ armatures and all of the 5.5″ armatures, including variants (they still need to be assembled though). The biggest things that remain are the little mini armatures (which should go pretty fast), the age groups (teens, children and infants) and all of the pearl/crimson horses, a good chunk of 11″ humans and other quadrupeds. Once I have at least 50 of each product I can start putting together packages and shipping out orders which will hopefully start in mid to late October as originally planned but may carry on into late November.

All the armatures I’ve currently assembled (that big box on the lower left) I will be disassembling to replace with stronger joints. I realize this delays me even further but I want to make sure you guys get a product that works well and won’t break easily.

I appreciate everyone’s patience.

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