1:1 Hand Armature Abandoned

Hey Armature Nine supporters,

Good news, my 3D printers are officially idle. That’s because everything except for the 1:1 hand armatures has been 3D printed!  Now I’m in the middle of assembling all the biped and quadruped armatures and finalizing the 1:1 hand armature design. 

So you’re probably wondering how the hand armature is coming along and what it is I’m actually changing. Here is an image showing the design as it was during the launch of the kickstarter campaign, and to the right is the design I’m now aiming for.

 Can you see the difference 🙂

What you’re seeing on the right is actually a 3D scan of my left hand done by Digital Double (www.facebook.com/digitaldouble).  My plan is to take that 3D scan and base the final design off it. So yes, I’m going realistic. I felt this would be a far better visual aid for artists if I could pull it off. After all, it’s our own hand we’re always using for reference, so what good is a lanky skeletal hand?

I’ve already started designing some joint ideas. The challenge I’m facing, is to create a design that allows for articulation while preserving the volume of the hand. This is possible only to an extent and so some cavities will have to be present to allow the digits and thumb to move around, but here’s an interesting idea I came up with that I’m calling a clipping-socket.

 This provides a decent range of motion while still keeping the finger looking solid even when flexing.

In other news, I’m off to a decent start with assembling armatures but I’ll have more on that in the coming weeks and hopefully some working prototypes of the hand even sooner.

If after seeing this update, you feel like you’d like to cancel your 1:1 hand armature order, just message me your paypal address and I’ll reimburse you. I realize this is quite the departure from the original design.

My estimate remains to begin shipping orders by the end of this month.

best wishes and thanks for your patience,

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