Last 2013 Update for Armature Nine Kickstarter

Happy new year everyone! My last update comes to you in the form of an image I worked on yesterday with colleagues and friends.  I hope you like it 🙂

You can see a cool aerial by clicking here. It shows our 3D printing toy factory you all helped us fund 🙂

Please note: All future updates will be made through the A9 mailing list. So if you haven’t signed up, now’s the time to do it ->

The first thing I’ll be emailing everyone is links to tutorial videos on how to use the quadrupeds and other armatures.

I’ll be spending this month doing a second quality assurance pass on each armature then packaging and shipping them your way.  Following that, I’ll go back to working on the hand armatures and get those out to you in a second shipment.

I’ve learned so much from this process and have so many things I want to do differently to improve the armatures for future iterations. And I intend to do so. You can get your pre-orders for 2014 armatures in the queue by ordering them at

Best wishes, and thank you, thank you, thank you for all your generous pledges, your patience, support and encouragement throughout this process. What a journey!!

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