3D Print Internal Structure

On occasion 3D prints fail (for many reasons), but one that’s common is having filament run out midway printing. But this is also a good opportunity to take a picture and show you what’s going-on on the inside 🙂 As you can see, the 2014 armatures are vastly improved when compared to the 2013 versions. Notice they’re being printed at twice the resolution with thicker and more than double the material. This of course makes them more costly and take longer to produce but they’re stronger, cleaner, free from splits and cracks, heavier and overall just way better. Not to mention the great improvements made to joint design and fitting. The plan moving forward is to devote all eleven printers that were funded through the kickstarter, to these 12″ armatures. (yeah, they’re larger too). Thanks to having all these printers, we’ll soon be able to ship them out to people less than a week after they’re ordered. So, no more pre-ordering! yay!! We’re catching quickly to all the pre-orders and the price is going up to $60 starting March 31st. So pre-order yours now while the prices is still at $40.

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