Hello RoOler Backers! I’m happy to report that RoOlers have been completed (see picture below) So if you’re among those that ONLY pledged on the RoOler ($15), you can get your order fulfilled NOW! Wohoo!!! 🙂 

Therefore, I would like to ask that you all take a few minutes to fill out the surveys heading your way, and indicate all the items you want in exchange for your pledge.

Once survey responses are collected, the next step is going to be to start production on some of the companion products for those that ordered the full companion and or additional armatures. 

I’d like to point out that I made the executive decision of removing the pegs from the RoOler because the more I used it, the more it became annoying not being able to flip it upside down and or having it fit nicely inside my sketchbook. But if having pegs is important to you, the survey allows you to specify this so you can get a RoOler with pegs instead. I’m also exploring the idea of making the pegs attachable but I can make no guarantee at this time that this will work as this has not been fully tested yet.

Thanks again for backing and supporting this project everyone!


Paul Siegel 

PS: I’ve started to use our new youtube channel for posting tutorials and since the RoOler is officially now part of the A9 family of products, I’ll be posting some about the RoOler as well in months ahead so please subsrcibe:

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