Tiny Towns – Exciting news!

Superduper Tiny Town backers!

I’ve got lots of exciting news to share:

1) We’ve decided to make all your rewards customizable. Meaning that if you pledge on any reward that includes more than one zone (all tiers $80 and over) in addition to the downtown tile-set you’ll be able to specify which other zone/s you want accompanied with it. So, for example, if you want downtown + oceanic, or downtown + industrial, those that pledge on the $80 tier can specify which two zones they want during the fulfillment survey (higher tiers can do this as well). $10 tier backers can, of course, continue to customize their order on a per-tile basis.  

2) We took a leap of faith and over the course of this campaign began production on the promotional 1:12 scale armatures and they are all completed! Here’s a cool picture:  

And if we cross the finish line with our goal met we’ll be shipping these armature to you next week so they arrive in time for Christmas (for domestic orders). I realize this means an extra expense for us because the tiles will be shipping separately June next year but we wanted to do something special for you as a way of saying thanks for your support. In order to get your expedited armatures, however, please message me your mailing address if and when we meet our goal.  

3) That reminds me, we’ve currently met our goal! But let’s see if we can retain that number or even move toward stretch goals! If you have ideas, let me know. I’ve posted our first stretch goal (two blank/hacker tiles if we hit the 6K mark will come included with everyone’s orders). You can see these featured on the picture above. For the 7K mark I’m currently thinking that all tiles could come included with brackets to attach them together (2 per tile). Or some sort of tray system. Thoughts?

4) Lots of new pictures have been posted on the campaign page including some cool lighting examples and a close-up shot of the first oceanic tile to be completed. So I invite you to re-acquaint yourself with the page when you have a moment.

We’re counting down the hours now so let’s make them count!

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