Wohoo!! Superduper Tiny Towns Made it! – Next Steps

Tiny Towns has reached its goal!! Thank you everyone!

If you pledged $80 or more, please message me your mailing address in the next couple days so I can send you your promotional armatures this week and they can arrive in time for the holidays.  It’s our tiny little way of saying thanks for your support, ideas and encouragement throughout this campaign.

Next steps & milestones include:


– Shipping armatures to those that message me their mailing address and pledged $80 or more (this week)

– Sending out surveys for you to vote on locations  (this week)

– Put in orders for filament and 3d printing supplies

– Continue prototyping and experimenting to find optimal settings

JANUARY-MARCH:  – Design and prototype all tiles

MARCH – 3D printing begins & fulfillment surveys with photos of all tiles are sent

JUNE – JULY – Shipping

Thank you all!! I’m so excited to work on this project. Especially after seeing what my brother in law did with it over the weekend. Here’s a picture of the contraption he built.   I’ll hopefully have some videos showing this in action in months ahead. It’s so incredibly cool!

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