Common 3D print defects

Hey Power Poser Backers, Shipping of the orders is moving along, albeit quite slowly. We’ve shipped 58 orders so far and have 18 left to go (just counting surveys) I won’t bore you with the details but here go some cliff notes:  

– Person that was handling all of the post-processing resigned because he was exhausted and bored out of his mind. Poor guy.

– And unfortunately the staffing fees alone for this project ended up costing more than the campaign raised so I ended up just taking over myself.

 – In addition, upon inspecting the results of the power posers (already completed), I was not satisfied and so I’ve been going through each power poser individually and hand carving away little bits that bother me.  Yeah… I am insane.

– oh, and out of the 2,000+ power posers, we had over 600 failed attempts. Failure rates occurred at all levels of production from printing to post-processing. So yeah, all of a sudden a number of the larger orders are hanging out waiting for this or that set of power posers to be made again.

(see photo of 600+ rejected power posers below)  

– add to this the odds and ends of operating a business (especially December and January which are tax/accounting heaven (or hell depending on who you ask), and voila, slowness!

So I really appreciate everyone’s patience, but please rest assured I will be getting to your order.  Printers are being kept busy helping us catch up and make up for those casualties.   

Learn learn learn! Right?   Which reminds me, I’m sure most of you have already seen it but make sure you watch the tutorial before using your Power Posers, especially this part:

Image here shows 600+ Rejected Power Posers and the most common problems we encountered.

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