Last Update for Superduper TinyTowns Campaign

Hello everyone! Eleven months ago, Superduper TinyTowns got funded and I’m happy to report that 90% of orders have now been shipped. The ones that remain are the mega patrons that pledged on the two largest tiers (originally ETA’d for next month but may be January). So I’ll be messaging those individuals privately via message for updates on their rewards. 

For all future general updates, we’ll be using our email subscriber list and facebook page: or 

Note that a handful of people didn’t provide a mailing address or filled out the survey. So if this is you, please follow up with me via message if you’d still like to get your rewards. Your tiles are boxed up and ready to go. 

As promised, there are also a number of high res photographs ready for backers to use in their commercial projects. I’ll be messaging you a link to the images for you to download. Here are thumbnail views for some of them. 

These images really start to show what’s possible once your collection gets large enough to build entire cityscapes (these photos feature our entire collection of 54 unique tiles with some duplicates amounting to 90 altogether). It’s also so much fun to get clever with lighting and camera angles and see what effects can be pulled off. I actually think these could also be used for film and special effects pieces for wide areal shots. I may play with a fog machine next and post a video on our facebook page. 

From now on we’ll be taking orders through our website: So if you’re happy with your tiles and getting good use out of them, please consider further growing your collection through our website. We’ll populate the website with more tiles as our library expands.  And please spread the word, so we can continue to grow and improve this collection of products. 

Thank you all for your patience and contributions and making Superduper TinyTowns possible. 


Paul Siegel

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