February Contest Details

Calling all monster concept artist interested in winning a FREE Armature Nine​ biped!

Here are the rules (please read carefully):

1) Submit as many entries as you like
2) Can be digital or traditional
3) Concepts should be rough and not finished illustrations
4) You must derive your pose from one of our armature photos in this gallery:

http://www.armaturenine.comhttp://www.armatureten.comFeel free to use any of these images as reference for creating your own commercial artwork.

Posted by Armature Nine on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

5) When me and the other elves at Digital Double​ select the three finalists, we’ll be looking for solid design and drawing skills. Once the three finalists are announced, you will vote on which one of these wins the large A9 biped. The runner-ups will win our smaller 1/12 scale bied (Rider).

6) Please include any attribution details you want included next to your submission. You can submit your entry via wall post (facebook.com/armaturenine), via private message or email (store-at-digitaldouble-com) any time between now and February 29th 11:59pm PST.

7) Artwork must be original and created by the person submitting it.

8) Must feature a MONSTER. Monsters are not things you engage with in conversation and definitely not something you would want to cuddle along side with, and they definitely don’t have the wits to run a scaring factory. Monsters are hereby defined as living creatures who’s vocabulary includes a “GROWL” and is likely followed by munching, crunching and swallowing sounds. If you’re still unsure what a monster is, here are some rules:

*1 How to identify a monster:

a) The thing you are looking at is alive and looks like it wants to eat you
b) Your instincts tell you to get the hell out of there
c) It is NOT cute. It’s appearance ranges from frightening, to ugly, foul, mutated and deformed beyond recognition.
d) Animals can be tamed, monsters are NOT animals.
e) Monsters are made by humans… usually through the use of pencil and paper. Now get to work!

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