Keeping the Pace

So I wanted everyone to know that not a day has gone by since January 1st that I haven’t been keeping my hands busy making the wooden version of A9.

Now that two months have elapsed, I was able to look back through the shipping record to see how many I was able to complete and it comes to 10 bipeds per week. There are of course a number of other items being fulfilled like Rider Kits, cranes, stands and a number of add-ons from the kits and bits page. Also, if a customer ever runs into a problem with their armature and needs a replacement part, this is always at the top of my list and these usually ship within two working days of receiving such an inquiry.

It’s interesting because last year I was able to produce 30 bipeds per week. I expected the speed to drop to 15 per week with all the new improvements made (this is why the price doubled between versions 2015 and 2016). I still think I’m correct in that assessment. I attribute the slower pace to all the learning that has been taking place and the many changes and revisions I’ve made in the process of learning how to work with this new material.

Just yesterday I had to throw away a couple hundred armature fingers because soon after I sat down to make a new batch of hands I saw that the printer had messed up on all of them from a silly calibration problem that was not detectable until I started to assemble them. I sighed a couple expletives, and started over. lol! This is fundamentally why the 12″ biped has not yet been available as a kit that customers can assemble, because it’s not until the assembly takes place that I know for certain the pieces came out correctly (this will no longer be an issue once parts are made through injection molding).

Anyway, this is all just a really long-winded way of me letting you know that all I think about each day is getting to your order as quickly as possible but never at the expense of getting you a quality product. So rest assured that every day I get a little bit closer to your order and every time I complete a new armature I become increasingly proud of what I’ve made because it just keeps getting better and better. And if you’d like an estimate on when your order will ship, just send me a message. I can get you a pretty accurate estimate.

Thank you so much for your patience and support of A9

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