A9 Eagle Campaign Updates

May 6th 2016 – UPDATE

Just wanted to send out a shout out of appreciation and thank everyone that has jumped on board so far.

Between the funds raised here on Kickstarter and those on anatomicaltoys.com we’re almost half of the way there! With 23 days to go, I’m feeling really optimistic we can make it!!

Some new images have been posted on the campaign wall along with a new $15 reward featuring the cutest baby armature ever.

There are tiers for everyone to participate and so I encourage you to share this with your friends, coworkers and family.

In the last four years that I’ve been making these products, I’ve learned sooooooo much I could probably write a few books about it. Suffice it to say, I’m confident in my ability to get you a beautiful product without the speed bumps I’ve learned to overcome from past experiences.

Thank you all again for your support. Let’s make this bird fly!


Paul Siegel


May 10th 2016 – UPDATE

Today I took my kids to a pond I frequent during my daily walks. We were sitting there building little boats with twigs and leafs when, all of a sudden, two bald eagles descended, seemingly, out of nowhere. And *SPLASH* they crashed repeatedly, digging their talons into the water.  After a few attempts they each got their grub for the day and took off.

My kids were thrilled. It was their first time seeing the eagles so close. And delightful for me to see the spectacular acrobatic display. Such an awesome bird.

I didn’t have my camera with me so I drew this sketch just now while it’s still fresh in my mind.

The encounters with these bald eagles have been on the increase and part of me feels like they’re trying to tell me something.  I just hope making this armature has something to do with it.


May 19th 2016 – UPDATE

The A9-Eagle is complete! Here are photos


Before going out on my walk today I felt this strong urge to bring my camera with me. It was cloudy and a bit rainy so I wouldn’t normally. But I had this strong feeling inside that there was a bald eagle out there waiting for me. So I brought the camera and sure enough, less than a mile away, atop one of the tallest trees in the neighborhood was a bald eagle, just sitting there. It looked at me multiple times while ignoring red winged blackbirds that kept pestering it. They’d literally fly past the eagle and tap him with their little talons (brave little guys) trying to scare him off, but the eagle, suffering the occasional nudge, just sat there, immovable and proud.

Here are a couple photos:

June 1st 2016 – UPDATE

Man oh man that was a close one!

A few backers backed out at the last minute and we were back to $3,900 for a while until some very generous people increased their pledges to help us reach the goal.


Today (May 31st) when the campaign was only 11 hours away from ending I went on a little walk and happened to come across a bald eagle. It was the closest I’ve ever been, in fact. And especially cool because it was the first time (for me) that the eagle called out. And it did it three times, crisply and loudly.

At first I didn’t believe it was the eagle because it didn’t sound AT ALL like I had heard in the movies. But as it happens, the movies have been getting it wrong all along, woah!

And to make the day even more eagle-filled, I happened to take my kids to watch the Angry Birds movie tonight and whaddayaknow, there’s a funny bald eagle in it too! Hah hah! So yeah, a great way to end the campaign. I try not to be superstitious, but sometimes it’s just too darn hard to ignore the synchronicity. Here’s the drawing showing what happened today:

Onward and upward! Time to get busy making wings! Thanks everyone!


Managed to make it back home in time to take a photo before it fizzled.

Come to think of it. How is this even possible? I didn’t know planes could turn contrails on and off!


June 15th 2016 – UPDATE

Hello Bird Lovers! Good news! Kickstarter has finally issued the funds from the campaign so things are officially moving forward.

I’m also happy to report that the first prize you all get for backing this campaign is ready to be collected. This is a collection of photographs I’ve taken featuring a number of different birds that frequent my area.

( high resolution files only available to backers)

You’re welcome to use these as reference for your art projects or as wallpapers for your digital devices. Next steps are for me to begin manufacturing the armatures which I expect to go very smoothly.


June 22nd 2016 – UPDATE

Hello bird lovers,

Production is off to a great start and I’m especially excited to report I managed to squeeze in a couple design improvements (see photo below):

1) Added two more points of articulation (jaw and feather curl)

2) And bumps to the wing pieces to give the impression of features.

I hope you’re all ok with these slight modifications. I figure you wouldn’t mind skipping v 1.0 and starting off with 2.0 🙂

I always love learning something new with each project I undertake and A9-Eagle will mark the first product of mine to feature geometric texture and articulated facial features. Hurray for innovation!

I’m giving myself a really ambitious goal to be done waaayy ahead of schedule so stay tuned for speedy progress shots in weeks ahead.

Best wishes,



June 28th 2016 – UPDATE

Hey Bird Lovers,

Check out this photo featuring all the pieces made so far. Pretty soon it will be time to start the assembly.

Things are going so well I think I might actually be able to start shipping your rewards as early as next week! Woah!  But no promises. (rushes to knock on some 3d printed wood)




July 6th 2016 – UPDATE

Just wanted to let you know that all backers that pledged on our rewards should have now received an email with a link to a survey requesting your shipping details. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder.

Please take a moment to fill it out before it expires.

I’ve been hard at work for the better part of a month now and I’m happy to report that all the eagle pieces have been manufactured.  I’m in the heat of the assembly process at the moment and so far so good.

The parts for Rider & Child are still being made. Btw, those that pledged on Rider will be the first ones to get Rider in the brown color.  This color isn’t even available yet on our website, but we hope to make it available after your orders are shipped.

And a couple days ago we got our clip-mounts for all those that pledged on eagles:

I’ve been recording various parts of the process and so I hope to have a nice little behind the scenes video to share with you all soon.


Here’s an image showing what the finished eagle looks like all assembled. Note that the tail does not come included by default but you will be getting it anyway.

I hope all you locals had a great 4th of July. For us it marked the day A9-Eagle went live on our website: https://armaturenine.com/eagle.html

best wishes



July 26th 2016 – UPDATE

Hello Bird Lovers,

Assembly is almost completed! The eagles are going to be packaged with assembled bodies, wings, legs and tails but these will be wrapped separately (see pictures). So that all you have to do is snap them into place once you receive them (should take about a minute).

Once these are shipped I’ll also be posting a tutorial here going over this last bit of assembly that you can reference:


The reason we’re doing this is so each component will be less likely to suffer damage or warping during transit.

So as of today almost everything is assembled. All that remains are the wings. And then it’s onto wrapping, boxing and shipping.

Remember to fill out that survey that was sent to you via email before it expires. Otherwise we’ll assume your contribution was made as a donation.

Also, just so you know, A9-Eagle has officially gone live on our website, including the ability to buy individual pieces and components in case you ever need replacements or want additions:



Finished all 20 Riders

July 30th 2016 – UPDATE

Hey Bird Lovers, Check out this picture:

It shows all the wings completely assembled. Wohoo! That means it’s time to wrap these up and ship them your way.

We’re on the final stretch! 😀

best wishes,




August 2nd 2016 – FINAL UPDATE

Hey Bird Lovers, I’m happy to report that yesterday all orders for this campaign have shipped! Including those that took place on our website. Whoa, TWO months ahead of schedule! That’s a first 🙂

Here’s a picture of all packages just before they headed out the door:


So on August 1st you should have received an email with a tracking number. If you didn’t, that’s probably because you didn’t fill out the survey or provide us with a mailing address. The survey is still active, but will expire at the end of the month. At which point we’ll assume your pledge was a donation and not a purchase.

Here’s an image showing how the eagle is coming to you:

This video shows you how to assemble and work with the Eagle. Please watch this first before using the product:

And since this is my birthday month, there is a special sale going on right now with all 1:12 scale items available with a 20%-off coupon code available here: https://www.armaturenine.com/rider.html

And it is with these words that I’m marking the very last update for this campaign. If you’d like to continue to follow my progress with A9-Eagle or any of our other products you can do so on the following social media platforms:




Or sign up for the email list: http://digitaldouble.us5.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=a1125de447bb0e23e42258dd7&id=cd11f668be

THANK YOU ALL for helping make A9-Eagle a reality.

Up next… Armature TEN 🙂

best wishes,



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