Rider is all the RAVE!

I have to share this with you because it’s been singing in my heart:

So as you probably remember, Rider finally came back out of hibernation little over a month ago, but this time featuring all the same range of motion as Ranger (sans fingers).

What’s cool is that in the last couple weeks I’ve been getting a number of emails from customers telling me how much they “absolutely love” the figure. And it’s thrilling to get this response, and see Rider finally get a little lime light.

I’m also noticing that many of these customers are also now coming back to take advantage of the customization options available on the Rider storefront and playing around with the various torso, arm and leg variations (link below). It’s inspired me to work a little harder to try and get some of the 1/6 variants available for Rider. So that should be happening soon.

This video does a good job of featuring the latest design. Only $45 for the biped and the stand. It’s a ton a fun to pose with. Will soon also be available in brown.


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