So A9 had a bit of an evolutionary leap this week and it’s caused a bit of delay getting to some orders. I just had to stop the presses to explore some solutions to these problems, so I hope you understand. Rest assured though, that if your order hasn’t shipped yet, you’ll be getting your Ranger with these updated parts. As is usually the case, whenever I figure out a way to do something better the older pieces get stashed away and the printers get queued with the updated designs.

The updates were:

1) The neck is now smooth and shiny and it’s being printed in halves that are then attached so that now both sides look nice and smooth. We used to bake pieces to achieve this look but recently figured out bathing them in acetone does the trick and is much easier to control (and less dangerous). I’ll be posting a video tutorial on this soon (filmed video last week), in case you want to give your own trim pieces the same treatment.

2) All toes are now flush with the bottom of the foot so the magnet makes better contact when straight or when extended

3) And not featured here, is a better forearm for Rider that has the flat underside reduced so that when in the unlock position it still fits strongly.

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