Articulated jaw and wings with feathers!

Hello bird lovers,  

Production is off to a great start and I’m especially excited to report I managed to squeeze in a couple design improvements (see photo below):  

1) Added two more points of articulation (jaw and feather curl)  

2) And bumps to the wing pieces to give the impression of features.

I hope you’re all ok with these slight modifications. I figure you wouldn’t mind skipping v 1.0 and starting off with 2.0 🙂

I always love learning something new with each project I undertake and A9-Eagle will mark the first product of mine to feature geometric texture and articulated facial features. Hurray for innovation!  

I’m giving myself a really ambitious goal to be done waaayy ahead of schedule so stay tuned for speedy progress shots in weeks ahead.  

Best wishes,


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