Eagles & Riders almost assembled

Hello Bird Lovers,

Assembly is almost completed! The eagles are going to be packaged with assembled bodies, wings, legs and tails but these will be wrapped separately (see pictures). So that all you have to do is snap them into place once you receive them (should take about a minute).   

Once these are shipped I’ll also be posting a tutorial here going over this last bit of assembly that you can reference: youtube.com/armaturenine

The reason we’re doing this is so each component will be less likely to suffer damage or warping during transit.  

So as of today almost everything is assembled. All that remains are the wings. And then it’s onto wrapping, boxing and shipping.

Remember to fill out that survey that was sent to you via email before it expires. Otherwise we’ll assume your contribution was made as a donation.

Also, just so you know, A9-Eagle has officially gone live on our website, including the ability to buy individual pieces and components in case you ever need replacements or want additions:


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