Amazon SHUT us down!

So as many of you know, we just launched our Amazon storefront last week. And we had a fantastic opening sale. A9 was even ranking among the top seven for all art dolls on their marketplace, which is impressive! We even got a fantastic five star rating.

Unfortunately one of our product variants had the “production time” field un-filled. Which means that according to Amazon’s calculations, it was almost immediately late to being fulfilled (it was listed as having a “0” day production time rather than a “10” day). There was no way for us to update this after a sale had taken place so our account has been shut down. We’ve sent an appeal and hope our account will be restored. Amazon has yet to pay us for the sales also.

Until then, we will continue to sell our products here on

Buy Ranger Here ($170-$200)

Buy Rider Here ($45)

Thanks to everyone that supported our Amazon launch and made it such a huge success. We’re nearing completion on fulfillment of all orders. After today, all Riders and White Rangers will be on their way to their rightful owners. Wooden Rangers are all printed and just need to be post-processed and assembled.

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