Injection Molding – Proven – 10-26-16

Well I’m thrilled to report that yesterday I finally got the injection molding working consistently. Took a month of trial and error but it’s finally working.

In fact, as of today we’ve officially dropped in price ALL products that include this part by $5. This has the greatest impact on some of the head variants you can purchase, like the skull which was $15 but now is $10.

Why the dramatic price drop? Well take a look at this picture.

injection molded parts

On the left are the newly made parts with injection molding. I made these in an hour. On the right is the 3d printed neck which also took an hour (just to make the one). Plus there was also post-processing and a 24 hours to cure. With injection molding there is none of this, and the quality is leaps and bounds superior.


It’s also lovely how well these fit and how smoothly the base of the neck and the skull rotate. Delightful really. The only downside is we have yet to find a supplier that can provide us with a match in color, so the necks will be black for the time being.

FYI.. you can find and watch a video of me doing the injection molding in an earlier blog post. And as you’ll see there is also another interesting difference. Whereas 3d printing has less to do with work and more to do with waiting and repairing machinery, the hand powered injection molding is actual labor. But it’s so worth it.

The next step is of course to make molds for ALL the other 30+ parts. Since we can’t really afford the expense, however, we’re thinking of launching a crowdfunding campaign for the molds alone. What do you think? Would you support such a venture? If so, sign up for our mailing list here and you’ll get an email about it for sure, if we do it.

I have some other news to share. The universal peanut joint that connects the torso to the pelvis was breaking fairly often for people and so we found ourselves shipping out many replacements (don’t hesitate to reach out if you need such a one please).

But because of this we made a design change. It’s practically indestructible now and the range of motion is far superior. Check out this video:

The only downside is that it’s not removable. It’s permanently in there. We do hope to bring a universal peanut joint that uses metal. There’s also an earlier blog post about that. Just too expensive at the moment to make. Costs us $40 just out of our own pocket to make one metal u-peanut.

But this new version of the design will work especially well when made with injection molding and will be able to snap in and out.

That’s it for now. There is so much other cool stuff in the works. I can’t wait to tell you about…like our outfitting line.. whoops. Did that just slip out? Keep it quiet shhhhh 😉

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