Please Help us!


Please dear A9 fans, we REALLY need your help sharing this video. It’s the one and only chance we’ll get to fully materialize the vision for A9 into a collection of smooth and pristine snap-fitted pieces that artists of all walks of life can enjoy.

The small bucket ($70) can be used to build multiple 12″ bipeds, or whatever cool creatures and proportional variations you can come up with. The campaign page also has a $30 tier for a single biped (heck of a price drop from our $150 price point currently)

If we can make this dream a reality, A9 will finally get where it needs to go.  And stores finally sell buckets of bones instead of just buckets of bricks.

It’s time to unleash a new potential for creativity in the world.
But we need you to help by sharing the video.

Campaign video – >


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