Armature production progress

Sorry for my absence the last few days. I’ve been neck deep in production with armatures while also trying to manage our kickstarter as it comes to a close (and taxes as mentioned earlier).

Here’s a picture showing some Rangers as pieces start coming together.  The articulated hands are always the bottle neck but I intend to finish those today and hopefully wrap up assembly of arms and legs tomorrow for all remaining Rangers that were ordered to date.

armature production progress

I appreciate everyone’s patience. As per usual, when I’m behind with production, I include a free platform as your consolation prize for waiting the extra time.   Wait times would be a thing of the past if only we could raise sufficient funds to get molds made. But as you can see from our kickstarter it doesn’t look like that’s in the cards for us.

I’m going to remain resolved in my efforts and keep moving forward

best wishes


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