Wrapping up remaining orders

Here’s a pic showing most of the last orders waiting to be boxed up and shipped. They’ll be going out on Monday (tomorrow).

armature nine production photo


The armatures just keep taking longer and longer to make, because I can’t seem to stop thinking about ways to improve them.  Like the magnet on the hands, the spring under the heel, etc.  Plus the thousands upon thousands of micro refinements that these continue to go through week after week and year after year. I’ve also become a lot pickier over the years about which pieces get used and which ones get recycled.  So even though each of these Rangers is approximately 12 hours of printing time it’s more like 15 once you account for failures or rejects.

But it’s exciting because every time I complete a new armature, it always ends up being a proud moment that outdoes the last.  I guess this is part of what keeps me going. Now I’m exploring a new foot design that would allow for pronation of the ankle.  You can spot it briefly in the new ballerina campaign video.

I’m also still working on the flexible clavicle. It’s still nowhere nearly as stable as the default clavicles but I figured out a way of connecting the socket to the rail such that its perfectly seamless and much more durable.  It will soon be available again as an add-on once the website is finished, but it’s got a ways to go before it can replace the default clavicle.


customizable sword hilt

Also very thrilled to see people using our new sword smithing shop to fashion their own blade/hilt combinations.  I’ll be doing a video on these soon to explain these and other new features in the works.  What’s especially cool is that the hilt is made using a material that is sensitive to magnets so your swords will snap right onto the new magnetic hand without you needing to worry about getting the fingers to grip on them just right. Also works on Rider’s hands but since these hilts are much more proportional than before (thinner)… I’ll probably end up modifying Rider’s hand so it doesn’t look so bulky.

Thanks for everyone’s patience! Means a lot to me.

best wishes



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