So much to say!


There is so much to say. January was a brutal month. Still trying to shake off the jitters from the stresses it brought about.

You know? Failure teaches you quite a bit. Because it forces you to look inward. Forces you to question your assumptions. Forces you to find new solutions to old problems.

I mean, here I was unveiling something that was in the works for four years, thinking to myself that entire time, it was going to be a home run, only to be striked out twice (it was on indiegogo during December then kickstarter in January).

You can train and prepare all you want, but if you don’t hit the ball, it’s not the pitchers fault, it’s your own damn fault.

So now begins a completely unexpected path forward.  I was told by a few women that “anatomical” toys sounded like we were selling a “different” kind of toy. So I’ve decided to go with AnaTom. Borrowing from a brand I started eight years ago when developing The Anatom Project (click if you want to see the old abandoned website). It was something I devoted countless hours and company resource to but sadly never reached fruition. Even the website doesn’t contain all the latest content that was developed for it.

The name is fitting though. What I like most is how it contains a male and female name within it while spelling anatomy were it not for the absent “y.”

And why didn’t the campaign succeed?  Quite simply because it was branded for an audience we didn’t have access to.  I guess I assumed someone would pick it up, but we just couldn’t seem to get the word outside of our own mailing list. Why target a different audience? Our own audience was far too small to raise the funds needed to reach our goal. Chicken and egg, rock and a hard place. Took a chance. Made a gamble. Lost.

So what’s the solution? Target our audience and reduce the scope.  That’s what the A10-Ballerina ( campaign attempts to do. We’re two strikes in and the pitcher is on the mound.

We’re ready to knock this one out of the park all we need from you is to cheer us on.

At $800 in pledges after reaching 800 views we estimate reaching our goal once the video gets 9,000 views.

Can we make it? Will you share?

I remain excited about the future.  But since buckets of bones aren’t in our near future, we’re making significant changes to our website’s armature customization tools.

The future is still bright, it’s just a different kind of light.

best wishes



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