We are doing a total recall of the 5″ and 11″ bipeds customers purchased between 2012 and 2014 (known now as Riders and Rangers).

The recall ends on February 28th  

Before then you will be able to return your purchases for a 100% refund in the form of a store credit to get the latest version of these bipeds. The coupon will have a lifespan of two years.

Armature Nine has come so far since many of you made your purchases that I figured this is the least we can do to thank you for your support back when it was only in its infancy.  I was hoping all this time I’d get around to offering injection molding replacements but the support or interest just wasn’t there. Doing this exchange is a solid plan B, however.

You’ll also get a return stamp the cost of which will be subtracted from your total refund. This way we can track your package.

We are issuing credit refunds up to $90 per customer that return complete armatures.  Back in 2012 and 2013 Riders were priced at $10-$15 and Rangers were priced between $20-$30.   In 2014 Riders were priced at $30 and Rangers at $90.  We will also accept multiple returns or the family sets as well.

To find out exactly how much of a credit-refund you qualify for simply email me a photo of your armatures along with your mailing address and I’ll do the math for you and let you know  before sending you your return stamp.

This is going to be your last chance to return these older products.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. Deadline for requesting return stamps is February 28th


Send your emails here: store(at)armaturenine(com)

PS: Our latest campaign and attempt to raise funds for injection molding also ends on February 28th  (click here)


Edit: Customers wishing to return their product from outside the US will need to cover their own shipping expense. Please track your package as we can not take responsibility for lost shipments.


Questions coming in will be posted here:


Question: Back in 2012 I backed the campaign and got the $40 kit that included both armatures and several accessories. Could I return all of that in exchange for a ranger, or do I only get $90 in credit and still have to pay over $100 out of my own pocket for a ranger?

Answer: If you return both armatures (Rider valued at $10 and Ranger valued at $30), you would get a $40 store credit (subtract $5 for domestic stamp ).  You’d have up to two years to spend that coupon on either of those armatures on our storefront (  We have no interest in getting any of the other elements that came included free with your kit, just the armatures.


Question: How much $ are the new models?

Answer: As of today Rider is $50 and Ranger is $195.  Keep in mind the coupon will expire after two years and there is a chance these products will come down in price if we’re able to get molds made.  Might even drop in price soon especially if our ballerina campaign makes it this month. If, however, molds are not made and we continue to improve the product and enhance it with new features, chances are it will continue to go up in price. 


Question: I got rid of my armatures, can you still send me new ones?

Answer: Unfortunately in order to qualify for the refund you’d need to return them.

4 thoughts on “TOTAL RECALL!

  1. Just got around to seeing this post now. I wanted to let you know that despite owning a model that qualifies for a refund, you will need to pry my old 5″ from my cold, dead hands. This is a good thing! It has taken a place of honor on my collectibles shelf. My current Rider is soon to join it… It’s a little over a year old now (from just before you added magnets) and pencil-case life hasn’t been very kind to it so I’ll be picking up a new one soon. Maybe I’ll be able to splurge on a Ranger this time around. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing how the product evolves with the addition of Ballerina to the family. Keep up your amazing contributions to the artistic community. And thank you.


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