Armature Lab is BACK!

You can officially create custom 1:6 scale armatures at

1:12 scale customization is coming next.

While the intention is to allow customers to build entire bipeds or quadrupeds from scratch, you can also use the site to purchase any individual piece you want to add to your collection.

If you do the latter, you can use this coupon code ” noassemblynowarranty ” and it will take 30% off the price.  This is meant for those purchasing individual pieces to add to their existing armatures.  For everyone else, it’s your choice if you want to take the risk.  I plan on having assembly and post-processing videos in our video page soon ( If you want to take a chance, post-process, assemble and insure your own, I would wait until these videos become available first.

If your creation is complicated, I would advise downloading the template and use it to send me a mockup by emailing a jpeg to store(at)anatomtoys(com)

There are more pieces coming. in particular those belonging to the beast and a new set of bat wings.  So check back often.

Taking this approach, by giving customers access to each individual piece, is my temporary response to the bucket of bones campaign not succeeding. This way you have access to every single piece virtually and can build anything you want.

If you have any thoughts or crits, I’d love to hear them.

best wishes


2 thoughts on “Armature Lab is BACK!

    1. Hi Rick, the best way to see the difference is by looking at the welcome image here: armaturelab
      White one is 1:12 and wooden one is 1:6. 1:6 scale means you’re likely building a 12″ tall human. 1:12 scale means you’re likely building a 6″ tall human.


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