Sales since quitting facebook and twitter

Well this is interesting. Maybe even unexpected.

As some of you may recall, on July of 2016 we took a stand against facebook and twitter by discontinuing use of their service. Though we keep both accounts open to communicate with customers and use facebook as an image repository and place for customers to show their artwork.   You can read the blog post explaining why here.

It’s probably too soon to derive any significant information from this chart other than roller-coaster nature of the business.  But one thing is for certain, and this is the thing that really surprised me.  It seems quitting both those social media pages didn’t really have an effect.  It’s REALLY curious because honestly, I thought most of our sales were coming from facebook ads and expected that going on this facebook abstinence strike was certainly going to hurt our sales.  I mean on the first half of 2016 we spent THOUSANDS of dollars boosting posts. And I could have sworn I was picking up on sales increases immediately following those advertisement campaigns.    But, hmm, maybe they were having no impact whatsoever.

Who knows.  The only way to really know for certain will be in July of this year so we can compare the first six months of 2016 with the first six of 2017. That will tell us for certain what the impact has been, if any.



I would really like to return to using those pages but both company owners seem to be hell bent on silencing libarterians while having no problem hosting terrawrist recrutement pages.

Yes I know I just misspelled a bunch of words. Apparently it’s words like these that send “trigger” warnings to the algorithms that control how certain voices get amplified and others get throttled.  This is largely why we’ve been gradually taking control over our own content and going through as few middle-wares as possible.  Unfortunately it means the only way we can get to you is through our mailing list.

The sad truth is that whenever power becomes centralized it’s only a matter of time before that central controlling agency gets bribed (or threatened) to play favorites. Most often it’s the highest bidder.  We’re simply not going to play that game. And if it means leaving the big arena, so be it.  As long as the internet remains open, you’ll always know where to find us.

The following video really captures some of my frustrations well:

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