Now for something new – Coming March 1st

Those of you that have been following my progress on A9 the last four years know that before A9, there was A8, A7 and all the way down to A1.  Only A9 was ever released, and then all the subsequent versions that have come along the way.

But something you DON’T know is that before the A1-9-RIGs there was the DD-RIG.     I made DeDe back in 2009. But it just never took off, like countless other projects.  I came across it again while digging through my treasure trove of abandoned projects and got inspired to finish it. So before the month is over, I’m going to publish this rig and make it available for only $20.

But instead of just giving you the rig, you’ll also get a series of lecture videos that walk you through character animation in Maya from start to finish. So it’s practically an entire 3D animation class for only $20.  Especially since you can get a 3 year license of Maya for free if you go to  I’ll go over the basics of the interface, the rig, animation, and rendering.  So you have everything you need to tell stories.

So if you know of any 3D animators out there,  or better yet, people wanting to get into 3D animation for the first time – please let them know of this great opportunity. The Rig features some pretty innovative tools. Watch through the end to see what I mean:

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