First crowdfunded mold is here!

So thrilled to announce that our first crowdfunded mold is here:

We’re going to continue to allow pledges coming in for a little while longer, but once all these molds are done I’ll be closing off the campaign for good so I can focus on planning out production.


This mold is for the knee joint which is used across all of our products. Once I start testing the mold and figuring out material/temperature settings, it will start to be rolled out with all new orders at that time. And yes, the part will be available all on its own through our armatuer maker page:

It’s not available currently on its own because the only way to know if the knee part 3d printed correctly is to go through the assembly process. But once this mold is in operation, we’ll be able to sell a pair of knees all on their own for a great price! As it stands I often end up assembling three knees for every one that passes the test. With the mold, every single one is perfect!

The campaign is live for the time being here:

More details updates about this  campaign via its updates tab.


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