Big step forward

Taking a big “step forward” in this ongoing evolutionary saga couldn’t be more literal than it is is today.

Because as of today all of our 1:6 products will have injection molded KNEES!! Which means you can also buy the knees all on their own here:  Just $4 for all four parts and all eight screws and fasteners (notice the special coupon code at the very top for those just buying pieces and not entire armatures).

So to be clear, for those who have placed orders that haven’t shipped yet, rest assured yours will come included with these knees and you’ll be getting  a $10 refund to reflect the new reduced pricing for all of our 1:6 products that use this part.  3D printing renders a huge failure rate during manufacturing and assembly (especially on this particular part, meaning I had to go through sometimes up to 6 pairs of knees before arriving at a pair that worked and or looked good).  With injection molding these knees now have a failure rate of near 0%.

4 thoughts on “Big step forward

    1. Hi Fred, as shown. Injection molding only works with plastics. I’m looking into a vendor that will produce us a custom brown resin but have yet to find one willing to work for orders as small as ours. Until then our trim pieces will gradually all become black with wood composite reserved for the big pieces (torso, pelvis, head, limbs).


      1. Oh !!!! Very disappointing.
        It is not the same at all, if some pieces are brown and other are black.
        I don’t think it is visually appealing.
        I’d much rather have all the pieces in the same color (preferably brown).


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