Evolutionary step for Ranger

Very happy to announce this cool little bit of improvement being made on Ranger. See that little shiny dot on the ball joint?  That’s the end of a half inch brass rod. It extends through the ball joint into the leg.  It essentially renders the joint really strong.  Even without this the joint was already pretty strong but every so often they’d break on some customers, prompting us to send out replacements parts every so often.

The incidences of this were incredibly rare, however.  What has really been the problem is the struggle to make the femurs have good cosmetic appeal because with 3D printing there’s a bit of a balancing act that needs to take place between cosmetic quality and strength.  Reason being, that if you want a part to be strong you need to print it solid. And on top of that you need to overheat the material AND over extrude it so that the bond between the layers is VERY strong.   All these things combined lead to poorer cosmetic results.  With this little improvement which only adds about 5 minutes of production time, it will allow me to print with settings that favor cosmetic quality while at the same time render a part that is even stronger than it was before.

It’s stuff like this that makes me wish I had a time machine so I could travel to the past and whisper everything I’ve learned in my ears.

Side note: What triggered this idea was knowing that A10’s Ballerina was likely going to be suffering from this problem even moreso than Ranger. When this came up as a solution, I immediately started trying it on Ranger and it works beautifully.  Recycled a bunch of femurs just now and making all Rangers built starting today with this new approach.



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