Well, the time that many have been waiting for has finally come. We’ve been known to put on epic sales every once in a while for our A9-RIGS and last I communicated with customers, the next milestone would be when we hit another 1,000 subscribers.  Unfortunately, the subscription number has hardly budged.  And many have been waiting close to a year for this.  So I’ve decided it would be unfair to keep people waiting.

So we’re going to go ahead and conduct the sale once and for all.

So tomorrow an email will be sent to all of our mailing list subscribers with a coupon code that will last for 24 hours so you can get A9-Ranger for $90 (50%OFF).

Here is a link if you haven’t subscribed already. It’s the only way you’ll get the discount code.


Once this sale is over, it will be our LAST major sale.

Every single Ranger requires 11 hours of machine time to produce the wooden and plastic parts and an hour of labor to post-process and assemble each one. That’s 12 hours to birth one of these beauties. So $90 is a smoking deal.

And to get people extra excited, I’ve been  preparing in advance and already have these twenty Rangers lined up, just waiting for their left arm to be engraved with a birth date and then attached.  That means that the first twenty individuals to place their order will get it in the mail within a few days of placing it.  Despite the reduced price, each Ranger still comes with a 12 month warranty and comes with a spare set of universal peanut joints. Platforms are still sold separately.


And remember, we also have a great deal going on Etsy for those limited edition brown 2016-Riders. There’s only about 20 left and only a total of approximately 50 will ever exist in circulation.

Please let others know. The code will be emailed tomorrow to the mailing list and sale will take place on Saturday starting at 12:01 am (PST)

8 thoughts on “Very LAST Epic SALE

  1. Have registered my email but not been sent a verification email. I really want a ranger and would like the code to offset the expensive customs charge to the uk

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  2. I registered my email the day before yesterday but did not get a verification email, nor have I received the discount code. Am I still able to get the code?
    Kind regards, Ellinor


  3. Hi Benjamin and Ellinor, send me an email from your registered email to store-at-armaturenine-com and I’ll reply with the code. It’s strange that the email didn’t come through. I’m starting to wonder if mailchimp is even delivering our emails.


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