So much in the works!

Well, that’s the longest stretch of silence I think our blog has ever witnessed! Sorry about that guys. I’ve been tremendously busy.

First off, all sales from the big sale last month have shipped. Phew! That took longer than I thought it would so I appreciate everyone’s patience.

So we’re back to our 1-week turn-around normal and tomorrow order #41156 should be shipping.

Also, to celebrate reaching 1,000 subscribers on I’ve been upgrading to a more pro studio setup

Having all this extra room, a full length green screen, white and black backdrops is going to really expand what I can do with product photography and video.  Until now I was using a 2×2′ corner in my office and it was getting really crammed. Especially with the dragon.  Now I can actually take pictures of the wings fully open (stay tune for that).

There are a number of other things I need to update you guys on and hope to do so throughout the month of May.

Oh, and we opened a Minds account:




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