Marketing Accident

I certainly didn’t intend for this to happen but it appears the anger that was triggered by my post on mother’s day (something else I never intended) seems to, ironically, have been met with silent optimism:


As you know, I’ve been keeping my heart on my sleeve with this blog for many years.  I share myself as myself.  I’m also very transparent about how I run this business. I give you behind the scenes look at how I build everything I make. I try to be as genuinely “me” as possible.  And yes, I realize most businesses frown on this practice and hire professionals to put on a plastic pristine appearance front an center with their customer engagement.  That’s not me.

That said, even though controversy clearly drives sales, I won’t ever fall into that trap.  At least not intentionally. Most mainstream media outlets have clearly mastered this practice and consequently have become controversy generating machines. I now understand the “why” of this more than ever.  But I ain’t selling my soul to that devil.

Like it or not I will continue to be me.

So here go hugs and well wishes to every human being out there… uh oh (trigger alarm just went off in my brain) .. cyborgs also.. (beep beep beep!) .. oh shoot, I’m missing someone!  (alert! alert!) Yes, transhumanists also. Love you also.  Wait wait. I’m missing someone.  Augh!!

I swear if some day we all become identical robots we’ll wage war with each other over the operating system in our hearts.

Let’s learn to love our differences ok? The beauty of being huemen is we all get to shine the sun’s light in our own unique way. Please don’t hate people for being different than you, ok?


Sales continued to climb throughout the day.  This is baffling!

I think the internet is simply crawling with people that love to hate. It’s a sad state of affairs really. I wish those people with love in their hearts would be more vocal.  It seems people are far too eager to feel indignant about something.  Almost like it gives them an artificial sense of grandeur.  Perhaps people have a super hero complex and they’re dying to find a villain.  It’s leading to many people seeing things where there are none just so they have a cause to fight.  So remember, while the world at times may seem like a house of mirrors full of insane people – this post proves that it’s only the insane people that are the most vocal.  The vast majority are just staying quiet.

But I won’t stay quiet. I’ll continue to be me and doing so out loud and so should you, even if you’re crazy ;b

10 thoughts on “Marketing Accident

  1. This post shows that you do not care that you upset trans people and only care about money, not human feelings.

    “So here go hugs and well wishes to every human being out there… uh oh (trigger alarm just went off in my brain) .. cyborgs also.. (beep beep beep!) .. oh shoot, I’m missing someone! (alert! alert!) Yes, transhumanists also. Love you also. Wait wait. I’m missing someone. Augh!!”

    You learned nothing. You refused to learn anything. You are making jokes out of people who supported your product and were upset when you did not listen to their concerns. This post further confirms that.

    Also, as a WordPress creator as well, your graphs are misleading. Without showing numbers, that increase can be from one sale to four/five sales. WordPress numbers are comparative to the other numbers for that month. That also means your views could have gone from 10 to 50 and would show a large leap as well. Cutting out the numbers is INTENTIONALLY misleading to make you look like you are in the right and that shitting on trans people and thus ‘controversy’ means a boom in sales.

    You are literally saying with this post ‘fuck the feelings of trans people. Get money.’

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  2. How is it possible for this to be your takeaway from your mistakes? Your response to “Your words were insulting to me and others” is “HURR HURR FEEEEEELINGS AM I RIGHT.” And that’s crappy. That’s crap marketing, crap blog-running, and crap treating-people-like-people.

    Pathetic, man.


  3. It really is disheartening that this is what you’ve taken from this situation. A large influx of audience, many who are hurt by your language, taking time and energy out of their lives to try and explain WHY it is hurtful…and you dig in your heels and buckle down on your original point.

    It’s not up to you, a cisgender man, to define a gender for people born with uteruses who choose to give birth. It’s baffling that you don’t know how that looks from the outside.
    (For the record, it’s not up to me, a trans nonbinary person, to define anyone’s gender either!)

    I know for a fact you haven’t responded to everyone’s concerns. You’ve not let through polite, informative and well written comments. And yet, you do let in a comment by another cisgender man who brings up video games as an example of how ~those people~ are at it again.

    This whole situation sucks. As an artist and supporter of small businesses, it bothers me to take another supplier off my list due to being so short sighted, stubborn and without empathy for living human beings.


    1. I’m sorry to hear that Trivia. But please know that I find your use of cis-gendered man to be quite offensive as I often only hear it used as a way of assigning hateful remarks to someone. And often by people that are quite racists. But I’m going to assume that’s not what you’re trying to say… (just trolling) but you get the point. Words are words. They can be used to say something loving or mean. For example the word “hate” can be used to say terrible things. But you could also say you hate poison. (I’m incredibly intrigued by the fact this even needs to be said).

      I never said anything mean to anyone. If you can point out a SINGLE place where I said something mean to someone I’m willing to hear it but so far the only thing people have written about is what’s going on their own heads about what they think is going on in my head. It’s like people are so eager to be hateful they will twist words around just so they can justify the hate that’s in their hearts.

      Anybody with a little self respect can’t sit quietly when people like this make hateful accusations about them that are not true. I acknowledged repeatedly that I was sorry my words hurt people, but I also made it immensely clear that they didn’t understand AT ALL what I meant by them. Goodness gracious. It was practically a love letter to biological mothers and you guys found a way of turning something as beautiful as this into vitriol and then even selfishly somehow make it all about yourselves. You should all be ashamed.


  4. I actually carefully responded to everyone’s concerns. At great length actually. But most people seemed adamant to apply intent to my own words. News flash! Only I (that’s me btw) can tell you what I mean by my own words. And despite me clarifying over, and over, and over, and over again what I meant. And despite apologizing, over, and over and over again, I got emails telling me I was “not apologizing and that I was deflecting”.

    It seems the goal of commenters here is merely to police language and inflict wounds on themselves to justify an outcry. It’s nobody’s place to tell others what words they can or can’t invent or can and cannot use. That’s the beauty of language.

    New genders seem to be added to our lexicon every single year and now even taught in public schools, why is it somehow hateful to give womben their own? The very people that give birth to humanity? I like the word. I’m sticking with it.

    It’s quite hideous of people to call me names like trans-phobic. Especially considering two people I’m quite close to are trans. Whenever we call people names without a scintilla of evidence, we usually only expose the demons lying hidden within our own closets (aka projection).


      1. Hi K. LeCrone,
        your comment came through after that thread had been closed. I also didn’t see any points being made that I hadn’t addressed already. Feel free to correct me if that’s not the case.


    1. I’ll just leave this by saying that I’m sorry you feel this way, and that I enjoyed reviewing your products.


      1. As I recall you said womben was a word rooted in hate against women by reducing them to reproductive entities (frankly only a monster would create such a definition). But my research showed it was rooted in feminism as a term of empowerment. Like I said, I explain this in the last comment thread. Also if you search it on google images or youtube you’ll see it’s mostly women and mothers that use the word and as a source of empowerment to celebrate their inherent strengths. Much the same way I used it.


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