WOW! Almost worked!

This is sooooooo ALMOST exciting.

See… since I began working on Armature Nine back in 2012 I’ve kept every single bit of scrap, defect, broken, rejected piece of plastic. Because my hope was to some day figure out a way of recycling the colors for the eventual day injection molding became a reality for us.

Over the course of this week we’ve begun sorting the colors out. That photo of my hand on the left is showing only one of MANY piles and boxes just like it that have resulted as waste from embarking on this project.  My hope is to recycle ALL of it and eventually once molds are made for all the pieces, to produce as many armatures in every single color explored throughout the history of the product. At least as many as is possible with the material remaining.

As you can see from this first and early test, there’s some ways I have to go.   I did some additional tests today that are showing promise and an almost impeccable result. I’ll be showing these later. For now, I thought I’d record this image for posterity 🙂

Once this is solved, I expect to be able to go back to brown trim pieces by using this recycled material for those pieces we’ve made molds for.


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