Sales are SOARING all of a sudden after announcing the release of our XX armature. But what’s really strange is that only a small handful of XX armatures have sold.  Our top seller has by FAR been the mini digitigrade armature which is VERY unusual.  Usually Rider or Ranger are our top sellers but the last couple weeks has been the 1:12 scale digitigrade armature which you can find here:

Honestly I can’t make sense of this but I’m having a blast building these mini digitigrade armatures. They’re by far the best I’ve built to date. I took this opportunity to make some refinements to the ankles and the head to neck connection.  They’re working better than ever now 🙂

I can’t wait to release the 1:12 scale flexible clavicles and new hand design.  And soon after finally get around to launching the 1:12 scale pieces storefront so you can add whatever pieces you want to your collection…. including WINGS!

Thanks to everyone out there spreading the news about our products. Especially those interested in our anthropomorphic character sets.

Here are some stats comparing facebook, wordpress and our sales.

I doubt this trend will continue, but the week ending on the 25th is looking promising for only two days into it and sales are already about the same as past weeks.

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