Ok, there’s some good and bad news to share.

The good news is that recycling our 3d printed rejects and then re-purposing it for injection molding is working (YES!). And so as of today we’re officially going to switch away from the black trim and use the recycled brown plastic until we find a supplier willing to sell us virgin pellets in reasonable quantities.  So far, all the suppliers have told us their MOQ is 1 megaton.  Um.. I’m not even sure we have room for that. Nor willing to risk the expense given there’s no way to know how it will perform.

The bad news is that doing this is so time and energy-consuming (recycling and all) that we can no longer offer the peanuts for free.  That said, the 3d printed universal peanut joint is still available for free and the coupon code is listed there beside the product image for anyone out there whom needs a replacement.

(scroll down to product labeled “PEANUT”)

But here’s the silver lining.  There are some spare black trim pieces left from the last run and if anyone wants these for free use this code when making a purchase of the following items:

Ranger Neck (black)  – use code “FreeBlackTrim”

Peanut Small (black) – use code “FreeBlackTrim”



As you can see the results aren’t perfect, but I kind of like the texture. Works better visually beside the textured wood pieces.

And just like that Ranger enters yet another phase in its evolution. Hybrid 3d prints with injection molded pieces made from rejected armature pieces.


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