We have a 20%-OFF sale going on through the end of the month and $20 content on our brand new Patreon page.

That’s right, we are officially on

With only a $5 per month commitment you’ll get access to monthly sales, monthly exclusive video tutorials and content.  Right now, our entire two hour animation series and Dede Rig are up there ($20 value).  So even if you just sign up for one month, you’ll immediately get your money’s worth.

As you all know, I love creating content. But the sad truth is that 95% of it doesn’t ever see the light of day. So I have this treasure-trove of images and video I’d like to finally devote the time into editing and publishing. With a platform like Patreon, if enough people jump on board, I could finally justify the time investment and produce something that properly rewards you for your patronage.

The other exciting thing is that if this grows to a sufficient size (200 patrons a month) I’m making a commitment to invest into a new injection mold each month.  And when the Bucket of Bones finally becomes a reality, all patrons will be able to purchase the first bucket 50%-OFF.

So to subscribe to all this awesome content for only $5/month go here:

If you are an artist or maker, think of this as an investment in your personal growth and education.

If you are a returning customer, think of this as an investment in your wallet 😀

best wishes




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