Hasta Mañana

Well friends, Ranger and our 1/6 scale products have not gone away but I expect them to go dormant because as of today they’ve gone up in price ($300 per Ranger) to properly reflect the investment that goes into them in terms of manufacturing time and labor (each one has come to be a 12 hour endeavor between printing, labor, machine maintenance and customer service).    The price is still held at $180 for those purchasing them in bulk (drop-down menu under bulk rates).  And even further down to $150 for those that choose to become “collectors.” (see our new membership page)   Or FREE for those that win our monthly contests.  Also, all of our 1/6 scale products now come with a lifetime warranty and they include the metal platform.   In a way the plan is to treat Ranger and the other 1/6 scale products like individual works of art. Which is really what they are, whereas Rider (the smaller armature) fits more in the category of being a “product.”

There’s a lot to talk about right now but I think it’s best done through a video entry, so I’ll be getting recorded tonight to explain what’s going on.

But in short I’m making a move to slow down production of our 1/6 scale products until we can figure out a faster way to make them.  I expect more crowdfunding campaigns like the A10-Ballerina in the future and perhaps the primary way people get their hands on our 1/6 scale items.  Btw. That ballerina campaign is still accepting pre-orders but I’ll be closing that very soon.

Making products like this by hand is simply not cost-effective.  The price at $180 was actually barely covering the cost (not including my time and yet there was nothing left over to pay for taxes), so we’ve been netting negative every year.  So instead I’ll be focusing most of my efforts on the 1/12 scale product line (the smaller ivory colored armatures). Rider has now proven itself to be very competitive and matches most of Ranger’s range of motion. In some ways it’s even better because of how light and stable it is.  Rider also has a new set of magnetic hands that share polarities against the palm and against the knuckles so that you can do hand stands with wrists straight or extended (something Ranger can’t do).   I’ll be talking about this and also the possibility of bringing finger articulation at that scale.

Stay tuned for a video in the next couple days.

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