New Staff + New Instagram Page!

Hello Armature Nine fans and followers!

Much has been changing here at A9 & Digital Double (hence the slim blog postings as of late… but that will soon change!).  One of these changes is a new member joining the team and taking over all things having to do with customer service, marketing and outreach.


So it’s my pleasure, finally, to introduce you to a new member to the team: Rebecca Kanarah.  She is now our Producer in Marketing & Outreach and will be your new social media guru.   Her first order of business was to start an instagram page for Armature Nine ( ), so please head on over there, follow the page and see some of her first posts. She will also be gradually taking over our twitter, facebook and other social media pages as well and responding to customer inquiries that come to us through email or phone.

I hope you’ll all give her a warm welcome and treat her as nicely as you’ve treated me over the years.  It’s really been a pleasure for me to have interacted with thousands of customers over the last five years. And I don’t anticipate that coming to an end just yet. But it’s time for me to gradually focus most of my efforts on armature design and manufacturing.  Rebecca comes with extensive experience in outreach, customer service and social media and she is an impeccable and expert communicator.   So I’m confident she will help push our brand to a new level and do a far better job than I ever could in these areas.

So head on over to and keep your eyes on our page. Another decision was to reinstate the page as a news source. Rebecca has worked some sense into me about a few things and really awoken me to the value of having a mind such as hers taking over these aspects of the business.

Thank you all for reading and for your interactions over the years.

I’m not gone yet though! So you’ll still be hearing more from me in the weeks ahead



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