Unveiling version 2018

I’m so THRILLED to announce that Rider & Ranger have taken an evolutionary step forward in 2018. Ranger (as of now) has an additional five points of articulation in the hand with a thumb that can adduct and abduct and the other fingers have three joints each instead of two. Rider’s hands continue to have the same articulation as before but are created at twice the resolution rendering a much smoother and more solid/less fragile result. I put together this image to properly identify the major differences and advantages of each:

(all orders placed after 2/24/18 feature these improvements)



2 thoughts on “Unveiling version 2018

  1. I’m happy to hear things are going well and that business is picking up! That’s wonderful. From what I can see the thumb has a much fuller range of movement now. I love how you always come through on the improvements you say are in the making. I remember a comment someone made on a YouTube video of yours asking about the limited movement of the thumbs. Although it’s complicated to integrate into a small manikin, you’ve taken the challenge. Those hands look fantastic! Great work.



    1. Thank you TK! Yes, I recall that comment as well which was a big part of what motivated the improvement. I’m always trying to find ways of improving the product and I think I will be working on the head and feet next.


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