Last month’s contest winners!

So happy to share with you the winners to last month’s Art Manikin Challenge!
First place goes to artist Helen Castelow with this striking caped cyborg femme fatale. Wow!
Runner-ups go to equally powerful portrayals of female adventurers by 3drips ( and Artypagpie (
Winners will be getting their store credits via email in the coming days. But if you don’t see an email from me in 48 hours, please message me and let me know.
Thank you all for participating! the entries last month were phenomenal. I remain ever proud to see A9 attracting such an excellent group of artists!
Please consider submitting an entry for this month’s contest. There is no limit to how many times you can win! The them is PLUS = Add as much muscle, fat or volume to the A9 rig and see how “big” you can make it: Details on:

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