Sobering News + Political Rant

I have somewhat sobering news to share: Our wood-composite material supplier located in California has closed their doors temporarily (and might be permanent). Given this I am now looking into alternatives and will likely have to go abroad for a supplier since so few are even here in the US or currently in business.
Here are some likely scenarios:
1) Our wood-composite figures will likely be listed as “out of stock” in the coming days or weeks. And only our ivory models will be available. So if you’ve been wanting one in this color/material, now would be a good time to place an order.
2) Once the wood-composite figures are back in stock, they will likely look different. While there are a variety of other suppliers out there for wood-composite materials, they all have slightly different shades and textural qualities. I will do my best to find one that matches the existing material and color, but who knows, maybe it will look even better than it does now… never hurts to try on a little optimism, right? 🙂
As it stands, we have about a week left of material. Fortunately I’ve devoted quite a bit of time to keeping the machines going and making pieces that are standing by to be post-processed and assembled for existing orders (see pic).
I’ve already got a variety of wood-composite materials on their way from different suppliers that I’m hoping to test out. My hope is to arrive at a a solution so that there is little to no interruption. But still, I figured I’d give you all the heads up that this is going on. Especially since it’s almost a guarantee that the brown/tan color will be changing.
(warning! political rant below)
Our society is rapidly declining because of people’s trust in popular news outlets and institutional leaders. These programs have been spreading mental viruses for decades and inspiring viewers and listeners to hate and fear all the while imagining themselves to be loving and progressive. Don’t be fooled. They don’t have any desire to help this country or your community prosper. They just want you separated and quarantined like cattle. And if they ever bring you back out it will be so they can use you as canon fodder for causes that only benefit them. Your prosperity will NEVER be in someone else’s hands. Those that promise you prosperity, security and safety in exchange for your fealty are either thieves, cult leaders or snake-oil salesmen. We are ALL born free. It’s only governments, groups and gangs that attempt to take away our freedom and turn us into a cog for their system. Don’t let them. Your rights are inalienable and given to you at birth by God, Gods, the Universe or by your own volition.  Regardless of your belief system, the fact remains that nobody has any legitimate claim on your soul except for you.
If you’ve been fortunate enough to be able to take care of yourself during this terrible time and still have energy and resource remaining, turn to your own family or neighbor and spread positivity and friendship there. The only way to make the world a better place is to help ourselves and those within arm’s reach. If everyone did this, the entire world would be in good hands.

The Victim

A Story by HC Mehdi

The state wants you to feel the victim and for them to be your savior. Whether you feel victimized by your economic status, your race, sex or orientation, the state thrives on your victimhood.

When you come to it asking for more, It gladly gives you what you want but then takes something else of more value. Those that think something can be given without something else being taken, are like sheep being sheered while sleeping that upon waking the following morning, see it fit to blame the weather for the sudden chill.

When the sheep then turns to the state asking them to do something about it, the state provides a heated enclosure.

When the sheep dislikes the darkness, the state provides a window facing the forest where wolves can be seen.

When the sheep fears for its safety, the state provides the lock but keeps the key.

Finally when the sheep notices its brothers and sisters being taken away to the slaughter house, it asks for its freedoms back and the state says “NO!”

It is only when taking its final steps toward the butcher that the sheep notices blood flowing through pipes to keep the enclosures warm, hooves ground up and turned into adhesive to keep the windows in place, and the skin shredded for roofing material.

On the altar just before taking its final breath, the sheep notices the sheers mounted on the wall and remembers that the morning chill was not that bad after all.

15 thoughts on “Sobering News + Political Rant

  1. …you do realize that sheep need to be sheared for their own wellbeing, right? Farmers aren’t stealing wool to the detriment of sheep. This entire metaphor is absolutely bizarre, and sounds like it was written by a really weird anarchist vegan who has never set foot on a farm.

    Also, I can’t tell if you’re seriously arguing that quarantine is against the best interest for our communities? Well over 100k people have already died in this country due to the pandemic, a number that could’ve been reduced if we’d acted sooner to stop the spread of the virus, so unless you believe that number is a conspiracy theory from the “popular news outlets” I have no idea what your rationale is, my dude.

    If you’re actually one of those people who are more worried about the GDP than the lives of the elderly and people with health conditions, then I’ll be happy to give my money to any other part of the economy other than you. Jesus. The manikins are nice but human decency is better.


    1. The sheep metaphor could come from a time those animals weren’t so engineered they could live normally? The point still stand, but if really it put you out of the story, I strongly suggest to replace it with a lama. It’s even cuter…

      Actually, you guys weren’t “late”, considering that WHO and solid informations weren’t that much at the beginning. I mean, 31 January health emergency? That was good actually, only China’s direct neighbors were faster. Meanwhile at the same time my health minister was, quote “putting warning poster in the aeroports”. My country woke up somewhere end March and switched to “full normal, no problem” to “health-war-lockdown-panic” overnight.

      And yet we are already re-opening because now we finally got stuff to protect ourselves. And our world-leader-in-infectious-disease from Marseille says the virus will disappear during June as all other corona, so at some point… trust the doctor, right ?

      The problem is, we are not done and sadly the next facing issue won’t fade away in a few month, a depression is no kidding and that could literally kill elderly as well… expect suicide rate to bump all over the world…
      To you maybe the initial post was shocking, but when left with nothing but dirt to eat and a family to feed, I’m sure many small businesses would rather take their chance with a “possibility” to get sick rather than having the “certitude” to be doom. Nobody want to kill anyone else in their good heart, neither with a plague nor with a bankrupt so let’s not be so harsh on each other…

      Peace 🙂

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      1. I think the point of the story is that to use a sheep for wool is one thing. But to slaughter them and use them for meat, is maybe taking it too far? Granted, in the story, it all started with the sheep complaining about how cold it was. The way I understand it is that sure we have taxes to pay. But if people keep complaining about how shitty their life is and expecting government to fix their life for them, the slippery slope into bloodshed is a fast one.

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      2. I agree, plus the sheep was not seen as an equal from the very beginning. It was always an “addition of goods” stacked in a living creature from the eye of the system.

        I’ve read something very disturbing some weeks ago asking “how much cost a human life ?”

        The actual question was : how does a government can evaluate when it’s worth investing resource to save someone or when it’s less damaging to let it die.

        That was a shockingly low amount… if we remove any moral value, social value, one person life is really nothing.

        That was a wake up reading and I suddenly understood why so many old person insist on family values, strong friendship and trusted relationship. Without that, we are really, really just a stack of meat…


      1. over the last year or so I came to posess 2 awesome 3d printers. A prusa mk 2 and very recently an anycubic Photon S. I’ve been very happy with both so far and really look forward to making more awesome things. But it also reminded me to share some love with the person who introduced me to the genuine awesome-ness that is 3d Printing and inspired me to finally try it myself.

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  2. I’m slightly confused.. Do you think the quarantine rules are good or bad? I do agree with now more than ever people need to keep in touch with those they care about. Also, I hope you’re able to find a wood source that allows you to continue to make these wonderful figures.


    1. Thanks Sam! Things are looking positive with the wood, thankfully. The first samples I got were all too shiny but I got some new samples from another supplier today which look eerily close to what I’ve been using. Tried burning some to smell the fume and it seems like it might actually have more wood in it, which would be cool, but we’ll see if it’s strong enough. The brightest news is I managed to get my hands on some remaining stock of the existing material which should hold us over a little longer. About your question: I think the quarantine was severely botched (at least here in Washington because they didn’t pay the cost of what they asked us all to do – which is incredibly cruel and unethical). Now you have a broken, more homeless, more jobless, more depressed, less healthy population emerging from quarantine and the virus will probably hit them harder than it would have otherwise. I really hope they used the time we gave them to properly prepare for what’s coming. On top of that, I also believe they’re not telling us everything they know about the virus in order to save face, which just ads insult to injury. So the post was me just venting this frustration I have with our entire media/political/scientific apparatus :/ – Sorry if this is a huge turn-off to hear me go off like this, but I felt the need to speak my mind and heart


      1. I absolutely agree tbh they should have been paying people for the time spent home. I think staying home was and is necessary to keep the hospitals from getting strained but they also need to keep taking care of the people they’re sending home if they can’t work. It’s like a double edged sword at the moment.
        & that’s great news about the wood! I hope the new samples go well. (I don’t think it’s off putting to be frustrated with the situation. We’re all human & there’s a lot going on that complicates the situation. Tbh I’m still mad in the US we still don’t have any proper contact tracing & more info about what’s going on)


      2. Thanks Sam 🙂 I’m personally not a fan of contact tracing. Giving up freedom for security is not wise in my opinion. Besides, the average age of death from C19 is older than the average age of all human deaths. So it was not as dangerous as originally reported…. unless of course there’s something they’re not telling us about the virus.


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