All orders fulfilled!

Wohooo!! I’m so happy to report that all orders have been completed and I’m about to head to the post office to drop off this last set of boxes.

I’m so incredibly grateful for everyone’s patience throughout this process. It was costly to turn off product sales for over a month but I felt it was the right and ethical thing to do. You guys have all done so much for me by continuing to support this venture. And yet, despite this being what is likely one of the most difficult times for everyone. I can’t overstate how thankful I am! ❤

I’ll soon be putting the products back online and will plan on following this same protocol again if I fall too far behind again. Especially since Christmas is coming up and I want to make sure that people aren’t placing orders that won’t arrive in time. Remember, though, that the online gift card is something you can get right away makes for a great gift to any artist you know.

Otherwise, if you want a physical order to arrive in time for Christmas, make sure you place the order as soon as possible before (and if) I have to turn off the products again.

That’s my 1 year old daughter btw, in case you’re wondering. She’s a spunky ball of energy 🙂

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