Here are the winners! – November Art Manikin Challenge

Really excited to feature the winners to last month’s Art Manikin Challenge. Normally only the top three get prizes but each of these finalists were so beautifully done I’m going to be awarding all of them a prize. So if you see your name here, expect to get a store credit sent to your inbox in the next 48 hours.

Your votes placed Nicvoli as the grand-prize winner! ($220 store credit) with this really great use of costuming and outdoor staging. So much texture and story! And a really great example of how A9 can be a great visual aid for your art projects (search “1/6 costumes & props” up on ebay and you’ll see what I mean.

The new Hall of Fame website is up and up to date!

The entries by each runner-up ($90 each) was tremendous as well and I encourage you to visit their websites and like their work:

Head-Zonk Studios =

Cheyenne Baker =

Yell =

Marilisa = No website provided

Nicvoli = No website provided

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