Shipping to the UK is cancelled :(

Dear friends over at the UK, I’m sad to say that I’ve had to discontinue shipping to the UK. New government procedures are requiring me to collect the Value Added Tax on all UK-bound purchases and report these quarterly payments to the UK (plus some other paperwork).

If my business ever grows to a point where I can manage the additional workload, paperwork (and diligence) that this requires, I hope to then re-instate shipping to the United Kingdom.

It really saddnes me because I’m fond of the UK and all of our customers there. While I’d really like to be able to offer the services required to ship to the UK, I just can’t afford to at this time. As things are, I already get overwhelmed with the clerical work involved in running a small business. Please send us good vibes so that our business grows to a point where I can afford to hire someone that can handle all this stuff.

For all other countries (at least for now) the procedure remains that they collect the Tariffs upon import directly from the recipient.

Thank you so much for understanding.



6/3/21 UPDATE

I can now ship to the UK when purchases are made via the Armature Nine Etsy shop (as long as price doesn’t exceed certain threshold). Wohoo!! Etsty has a registered tax number that they’re letting their creators use so that Etsy can collect and issue the tax payments on behalf of their sellers. Right on Etsy!

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