Happy Lunar New Year! Here come the DRAGONS!

A very happy Lunar New Year to all of our friends and customers in Asia. To honor this wonderful event celebrated by over half of the world’s population I’ve built this incredible Asian Dragon and have released a number of other Dragon variants as well (Western, Wyvern, Modern & Drake).

I honestly wasn’t sure about making this Asian dragon variant (above) available for sale because it’s incredibly frustrating to use. So the product image has an obvious warning on it to hopefully prepare people who are brave enough to purchase it.

All the dragons that have wings are now located in the “Winged” product page here

The Drake Dragon (which has no wings) can be found in the quadruped page.


The Western Dragon is one of the most common renditions of a dragon which has a very cat-like body with bat-like wings and a crocodilesque head and tail.


Wyverns are dragons that don’t have forearms. Instead, the wings are the arms of the dragon (much like most actual bird and bat anatomy). It also doesn’t have the torso segment seen in the Western Dragon.


The Modern Dragon (above) is just like the Western Dragon but the arms are more human in that the claws connect directly to the forearm joint instead of having a long intermediary paw shape.


The Drake (above) is different from the Western Dragon in that there are no wings and the intermediary paw joint for the forearms is slightly shorter than the back legs.

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